Happy New Year!

Welcome Back! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks back here at Canter but here in 205 we’re finally getting back into the swing of things!

First, Ms. Henning, our student-teacher from the fall semester has moved up to teach Read 180. However, we now have another student-teacher also from Michigan State University; Ms. Hamilton. The students are really excited about a lot of her ideas and lessons!

Up in Read 180 we just finished reading the book Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munez Ryan. We have however, started a new novel by Walter Dean Myers; Somewhere in the Darkness. Earlier in the year, if you remember, we read another book by Myers and are now looking forward to making text-to-text comparisons and connections, one of the many skills students will be tested on in the ISAT.

We continue to work on changes in matter, and states of matter in science. We have been working on students understanding what atoms do when the change state, and what this means for the world surrounding us.

8th grade students will need to take the Constitution test in order to graduate, we have already begun studying for this, and only have a few more students to take the test!

We hope that your new year has been wonderful, and you are also settling back into your routine.

Our Door is Always Open-

Ms. Andrasco and Ms. Hamilton

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